Keep your shoe collection in great shape
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SHOE LOVE Gift Set is perfect for you or as a gift for the woman or man who has just about everything. Includes a pair of Shoe Inserts, the Travel Tote and matching Carry Bag. As a bonus you receive a sturdy clear shoe box just perfect to create your Shoe Shrine.

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SHOE LOVE Carry Bag is the most glamorous and practical way to transport your beautiful shoes to and from work when you want to wear something a little more comfortable. There’ll be no more unsightly plastic or recycled bags to ruin your look. It’s also a great all-round carry bag for personal items, shopping, your water bottle, umbrella or when you are off to the gym or yoga. When it’s no longer needed it’s light enough to fit in your handbag.

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SHOE LOVE Travel Tote keeps your shoes protected and easy to find in your luggage, and with the shoe inserts inside, these keep your shoes in shape so they arrive looking gorgeous and ready to see the sights. And particularly great for business men, when travelling. They protect your clothing from shoe polish and street grime.

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SHOE LOVE Inserts keep your shoes in box fresh condition within your wardrobe and also saves your precious shoes from crushing when travelling. They are scented with natural dried lavender buds to keep your shoe drawer smelling sweet and your shoes smelling like new again.